The GLC Solution

Is EVERY SINGLE DAY a never ending clothing battle in your home when it comes to what your kids wear to school?

“Dad, I don’t want to wear that! I can dress myself! Mom…what do I wear to school?”  Ah, the morning clothes battle. If only there was a solution…

Meet our personal outfit assistant and morning fashion revolution, Girls Looking Cute™! 

The Girls Looking Cute™ Solution:
Girls Looking Cute the Ultimate Life-Size Paper Doll Experience. Girls Looking Cute is a free-standing mannequin that provides a hands-on, easy solution to help children get dressed and ready for the day. The GLC store allows shoppers to personally customize their assistant to look just like them. GLC comes complete with a customized name badge, two GLC hangers and slots which are compatible with hangers right out of your child’s closet; allowing them to dress and re-dress, over and over again.

The benefit of adding a GLC to your home is seeing your child’s transformation into their brand-new habit, securing a new night/morning routine when it comes to setting out clothes and getting ready for school. 

Life with a new Girls Looking Cute means a simple and easy solution to EVERY parents dilemma to the constant morning struggle!


PERSONAL TOY CUSTOMIZATION: Your little girl gets shop and customize her very own personal outfit assistant (just like the celebrities!) From hair color to eye color, skin color and even freckles, children get to be part of “making and customizing” their new best friend, Girls Looking Cute’s interactive store-front lets her do just that, as she creates a mini version of herself including a personalized name badge, and optional bikini patterns.


INTRODUCTION: From the moment she receives her Girls Looking Cute™, your home is forever changed. Their personal outfit assistant is a free-standing, life-sized mannequin that provides a hands-on, easy solution to help them get dressed and ready for the day. The GLC clothing slots are compatible with hangers right out of the closet; allowing them to dress and re-dress their GLC over and over again the night before school. Your daughters new personal outfit assistant will provide hours of fashion fun for her closet of clothes, or be the perfect new accessory and outlet for room full of girls during a sleepover.


PARENT/HOME BENEFIT: Not only does your new personal outfit assistant come with all the bells and whistles every girl loves, but she also will hold a special place in your (the parents) heart, providing endless opportunities to connect with your daughter in a way that projects fun and routine into your daily life. No matter what, we are confident from the second you say hi to the GLC, she will benefit you and your daughter for years to come.


GLC 21 DAY ‘NEW HABIT’ CHALLENGE CALENDER – Research has proven that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Habits are an essential part of our life, without them we would fail in most things we try to accomplish. The Girls Looking Cute™ 21 Habit Challenge helps secure a brand-new nightly and morning routine when it comes to setting out clothes and getting ready for school in the morning. The helpful GLC calendar comes with the assistant, and is easy to track daily progress.

To start personalizing your very own Girls Looking Cute™ Personal Outfit Assistant, simply click here to buy online.

{STAY TUNED!!} Girls Looking Cute™ will be adding more products and accessories to our brand roster and store front including bling burn-out tees, totes, tutus and MORE!

Girls Looking Cute™ is proud to be made in the U.S.A.

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