About Us

GLC Background Story:
Girls Looking Cute™ (GLC) was started by Dawn Farver, an Indiana mom who experienced many frustrating struggles with her own daughter when getting her ready for school in the morning. Her daughter would ask her to come in her room every night to help pick out outfits for school the next day and with three older sons, Dawn witnessed the girl clothing battle firsthand. She very quickly found out how many other parents and daughters were going through the same thing, every day. Dawn knew there had to be a fun and easy solution for families and is the reason behind the Girls Looking Cute™ enterprise.

“While I adore being a mom, I have always had a passion for wanting to make others life easier and finding better solutions for difficult situations. The best part about being a momprenuer for me is setting a good example for my kids and inspiring my four children by teaching them that with hard work and dreams, anything is possible.” – Dawn Farver, Owner of Girls Looking Cute™

GLC Mission:
The Girls Looking Cute™ brand mission is to help build the fundamental building blocks for success by instilling confidence and positivity into her day from the moment she wakes up. Our fashion products enable expression for individual style and grace while projecting and promoting routine, organization and positive energy. Girls Looking Cute™ was built on the foundation to provide endless opportunities to young girls, allowing them to make connections, express themselves, motivate their creativity and create a routine through organization.

Thanks for being part of our amazing morning fashion revolution!

PLEASE STAY TUNED!! Girls Looking Cute™ is adding more products and accessories to our brand roster including bling burn-out tees, totes, tutus and MORE!

Girls Looking Cute™ is proud to be made in the U.S.A.

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